Look on The Good Your Neighbour Does

“And if you see your neighbour sinning, do not take only his sin into consideration. Reflect upon all that he has done or continues to do rightly. If it often the cause, when your examination goes through every detail and you do not judge based on partial information, that you will discover that he is better than you. Indeed, not even God judges human beings based on partial information. For He says: I am coming to gather together their works and thoughts [Isaiah 66.18]. And when he rebuked Josaphat one time for a sin committed in an unguarded moment, he also remembered the good things he accomplished saying: Nonetheless, good words have been found in you [2 Chron 19.3].” St. Basil the Great, Homily on Humility, 5 as in On Christian Doctrine and Practice, Translated by Mark DelCogliano, 2012. P116.

Let us take this lenten season to think of the good that our neighbour does and of the many virtues we see in those around us. Let us look at one another in love the same way our Loving-God looks at us, not according to offenses past but according to His Fatherly compassion and love for all humanity. Our neighbour is often where we can directly meet Christ if we simply contemplate the good that this God-given neighbour does in his/her life.

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