Be Angry and Do Not Sin

"So let us too not be angry rashly. Anger, you see, has been instilled in us for a reason, not for sinning but for checking others in their sin, not for it to become a passion and an affliction but for it to prove a remedy for passions. Accordingly consider the anomaly of vice, when... Continue Reading →

Hold God Near

"Prayer is beautiful, making distinct for the soul a notion of God. And the indwelling good is this -- holding God settled in oneself through the memory. We thus become temples of God whenever the continuity of our memory is not interrupted by earthly worries and whenever the mind is not disturbed by unforeseen passions.... Continue Reading →

On The Use of The Psalms In Prayer

"Penetrated by the same feelings in which the psalm was composed, it is as if we became the authors of it and we run ahead of its thought rather than follow it. We grasp the meaning before reading the words. The sacred words reawaken our experience reminding us of the assaults we have undergone and... Continue Reading →

Let us adhere to God

"And thus he has added to what has been said, ‘For what do I have in heaven, and what do I desire on earth besides you'(Ps 73.25). In respect to this latter saying, the majority of people up to the present act as follows. Although such great things are freely theirs in heaven, nevertheless they... Continue Reading →

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