St. Philoxenos on The Eucharist

Speaking about our access to God through the Eucharist, St. Philoxenos teaches, "It became His own flesh which He took from us and not that of another man who is considered separate from Him. For this reason also, we confess that we take the living body of the living God, and not the simple body... Continue Reading →

The Spirit dwells in us

"For the Holy Spirit who, in the kindness of God, thus far from our baptism, we have received from the waters of baptism, we have not received so that at one time he remains with us and at another time departs from us, but we are for him a temple, in which he continually dwells."... Continue Reading →

The Paradox of The Incarnation

From the pen of our father St. Philoxenos of Mabbug: "The Ancient of days became a child; the Most High became an infant in the womb, and God became man in the womb. The Spiritual One became corporeal; the Invisible One was seen; the Intangible One was handled... Invisible, we see Him; not tangible, we... Continue Reading →

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