This is the personal blog of an ordinary lay member of the Coptic Orthodox Church in North America (Which I will identify as the Non-chalcedonian patriarchate of Alexandria). These are my ordinary reflections on the Scriptural witness of the Church as elaborated through her fathers and her liturgical life. I will focus on reflections of the Oriental Orthodox communion and hope that we might share in these riches together. I hope in sharing these reflections you will engage with me in reflection on The Church, our calling as Christians and how the writings of the fathers throughout every age can illuminate our call as Christians in our present day and age with its own challenges and benefits.

You will notice different categories on the blog. Let me outline what I plan to do in each of them:

Quotes of the day: Reflections (usually short) on an element of the patristic corpus and what this means for our everyday lives

Everyday pearls: These are very short passages meant to be chewed on and contemplated as one moves their day

Patristic Reflections: A journey reading through a Patristic text. So far we have journeyed through the epistle to Diognetus (2nd century text) but more may come as God wills.

Surprised by Scripture: These are longer, more sustained reflections on a particular passage or theme from the Scriptures. It is called “Surprised by Scripture” because these reflections come out of moments of clarity that God has graced the author with, through the writings of the holy fathers and mothers of the Church.

On Prayer: These are usually short reflections on prayer and the nature of prayer. These are to be contemplated for our spiritual lives and to aid us in the pursuit of true prayer.

Resources: Here I have collated some sources under different categories to guide the interested reader to more resources and texts both of the fathers of the Church and of some helpful scholarly material where applicable.

Glory to God

Of course, please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or reflections of your own! I am always happy for questions or comments too.

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