An Ethiopian Prayer

"Pilot of the soul, Guide of the righteous, and Glory of the saints: grant us, O Lord, eyes of knowledge ever to see thee and ears also to hearken unto thy word alone. When our souls have been fulfilled with thy grace, create in us pure hearts, O Lord, that we may ever understand thy... Continue Reading →

Let Us Always Hold God Near

"Prayer is beautiful, making distinct for the soul a notion of God. And the indwelling good is this -- holding God settled in oneself through the memory. We thus become temples of God whenever the continuity of our memory is not interrupted by earthly worries and whenever the mind is not disturbed by unforeseen passions.... Continue Reading →

Prayer is Dialogue

"Prayer is by nature a dialogue between man and God. It unites the soul with its Creator and reconciles the two. Its effect is to hold the world together." St John Climacus, Ladder of Divine Ascent 28.1 Prayer is that which holds the world together, that which opens our access to God. Ultimately we wish... Continue Reading →

On The Use of The Psalms In Prayer

"Penetrated by the same feelings in which the psalm was composed, it is as if we became the authors of it and we run ahead of its thought rather than follow it. We grasp the meaning before reading the words. The sacred words reawaken our experience reminding us of the assaults we have undergone and... Continue Reading →

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