The Lord’s Prayer – A Mini Commentary

Our Father who art in heaven: these are the words of those who enjoy intimacy with God, like a son in the bosom of his father.

Hallowed be thy name: that is to say, may it, being glorified through our witness, be hallowed among us, by people who will say: ‘these are true servants of God.’

Thy Kingdom come: the kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit. We pray that he may be sent down upon us.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven: The will of God is the salvation of every soul.

Our Daily Bread is what we shall inherit from God. We pray that we may have an earnest of it today, that is, that his sweetness may make itself felt in us in this world, causing a burning thirst.”

Evagrius of Pontus, Catenae on The Gospels, Coptic Documents from Lagarde.

If we notice the words of words of Evagrius here, the Lord’s prayer is not just beseeching God for gifts but rather also recognizing and acclaiming our own responsibilities in the Christian life. Moreover we ask God that He may grant His grace, His Spirit, that we may live up to this calling. Living a “Christian life” is not simply a task we undertake similar to how we might try to get into a particular school or attain some sort of profession. Living the Christian life is the entirety of one’s life being lived in union with God and thus naturally reflecting His light onto those with whom we come in contact. Let us take up this life and not simply this ‘task’. Thus let us allow this to become a truly living prayer.

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