God has made us for Virtue

“I wish, above all things, that you understand that no one has the power to do harm to the soul of the faithful Christian, not even the devil himself. Not only is it a wonderful thing that God has made us impervious to all treachery, but that He has fitted us for the practice of virtue. If we be willing, there is nothing to stop us. … For neither poverty, nor weakness, nor bodily disability, nor slavery, nor any other such thing could be a hindrance to virtue.”

St. John Chrysostom Illum. cat. 2.26 (PG 49.235; trans. ACW 31.181, modified slightly)

Let us not look to our external circumstance for the cause of our sin but only to our hearts. God is ready and eager to convert our hearts away from the many idols we attach ourselves to no matter what our circumstance in life. He can bring about our salvation in all instances.

Glory to God.

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