Trading the Transitory for The Immortal?

“Pleasure is only a fleeting delight. Yea, pleasure quickly takes flight, and we cannot tie it down even for a few moments. For such is the destiny of human and sensible things: hardly do we possess them, and they escape us…They offer nothing solid or assured, nothing fixed or permanent. They flow away more rapidly than rivers of water and leave empty and indigent those who search after them with such burning zeal. On the contrary, however, spiritual goods present us an altogether different character. They are firm, assured, constant and eternal. [Is it not] then a strange folly to exchange immutable things for transitory delight, immortal bliss for pleasures of the moment, and true and eternal felicity for quick and frivolous sensual joys?” St. John Chrysostom, Homilies on Genesis, Book 1, 4.

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