A Great Mystery is The Incarnation

“Who, being a mortal, can tell about the Reviver of all,
Who left the height of His Majesty and came down to smallness?
You, Who magnify all by being born, magnify my weak mind
that  I may tell of Your birth, not to investigate your majesty,
but to proclaim Your grace. Blessed is He Who is both hidden and revealed in His actions!

It is a great wonder that the Son, Who dwelt entirely in a body,
inhabited it entirely, and it sufficed for Him. Although limitless, He dwelt in it.
His will was entirely in Him; His totality was not in Him.
Who is sufficient to say that although He dwelt entirely in the body,
still He dwelt entirely in the universe? Blessed is the Unlimited Who was limited!

Your majesty is hidden from us; Your grace is revealed before us.
I will be silent, my Lord, about Your majesty, but I will speak about Your grace.
Your grace seized hold of You and inclined You toward our evil.
Your grace made You a babe; Your grace made you a human being.
Your majesty contracted [and] stretched out. Blessed is the Power that became small and great.” St. Ephrem the Syrian, Homilies on The Nativity, 23.1-3

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