He in All and All in Him

“For who is so simple-minded as not to believe, when he considers the universe, that the Divine Being is in every thing, clothing Himself with it, embracing it, and residing in it. If then all things are in Him and He in all things, why are they ashamed of the plan of our religion which teaches that God came to be in man, seeing that we believe that not even now is He outside man For if the manner in which God is present in us is not the same as it was in that case [ie. the incarnation], yet it is none the less admitted that now, as then, He is equally in us. Now He is commingled with us, in that He maintains nature in existence. Then [ie , in the incarnation] He mingled Himself with our nature in order that by this mingling with the Divine Being our nature might become divine, being delivered from death and set free from the tyranny of the adversary. For His return from death becomes to this race of mortals the beginning of the return to the immortal life.” St. Gregory of Nyssa, the Great Catechism, 25.

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