You are The Dwelling of The Lord

“If you renounce the life you are leading today and if you persevere in your prayer, you will feel that your effort is securing you great restfulness. You will discover in these slight pains and fatigues a joy and a happiness that are immense. God’s tender love is ineffable. He offers Himself to those who with all their faith believe that God can dwell in the human body and make it his glorious abode. God built heaven and earth to be the dwelling place of the human race. But he also built the human body and soul to make them His own abode, so that He might dwell therein and rest there as in a well kept house… ‘We are His house’ (Heb 3.6). In their houses human beings carefully accumulate their wealth. The Lord in his house, our soul and body, amasses and stores up the heavenly riches of The Spirit.” St. Macarius, Forty Ninth Homily

2 thoughts on “You are The Dwelling of The Lord

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  1. It is quite an awesome thing (in the true sense of the word awe-some) to contemplate. That God would deign to incorporate us into Himself by His dwelling among us and the sending of The Spirit. Glory to God!


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