Morning Hymn of St. Severus

“Come speedily, you peoples, let us go to the spiritual Jordan or the temple of the baptistery in order to honour the God-befitting mystery of the holy resurrection, and let us all in it worship the life-giving death of God who became incarnate and suffered on our behalf in the flesh; which also caused a fountain of life and of resurrection to spring forth for us. For all of us who have been admitted to be baptised in Christ have been baptised in his death, having been planted together with him in the likeness of his death and of his resurrection, as the God-inspired Paul bears witness. And accordingly let us with faith say to him who through water and the Spirit and blood renewed afresh our race which had grown old in sin and made and rendered us the children of the flesh children of light, “Praise to you!”.”

St. Severus of Antioch, Hymn Sung on Sunday Morning Whilst Entering The Baptisery as in Brooks, Patrologia Orientalis, 6.1, l3lf; cf 1 John 5.6ff.

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