Bring Your Thoughts Under the Control of Logos

“If reason (logos)… assumes control over such movements [the passions], each of them is transmuted to a form of virtue; for anger produces courage, terror-caution, fear-obedience, hatred-turning away from evil, the power of love the desire for what is truly beautiful; high-mindedness in our character raises our thought above the passions, and keeps it from bondage to what is evil; yes, the great Apostle, even, praises such a form of mental uplifting when he bids us constantly to thinks those things that are above; and so we find that every such movement, when elevated by loftiness of mind, is conformed to the beauty of the Divine image.” St. Gregory of Nyssa, On the Making of The Human Being, Chapter 18, Tract 5.

As we continue this advent season let us continue in the spiritual warfare. The Logos comes and enters into human existence that He might enter into our existence. Let us do the same in bringing our desires and passions under the control of reason (logos, or rather our share in The Logos, Jesus Christ) that they may be for our salvation. By doing this, we begin to be able to rekindle and re-image the True Logos within ourselves and thus partake of salvation.

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