The Restoration of Humanity

“And how did the Son restore [humankind]? By slaying death through the death of his holy flesh, and raising up the human race to a mounting incorruption. For Christ was raised for our sake. Therefore, in order that we might learn that it is this one who was the creator of our nature in the beginning, and who sealed us by the Holy Spirit, the Savior again for us bestows the Spirit through a visible inbreathing on the holy disciples, as on the firstfruits of our renewed nature. For Moses writes concerning our creation of old, that he breathed into his face the breath of life (Gen. 2:7). As therefore from the beginning he was fashioned and came to be, so too is he renewed. And just as then he was formed in the image of his creator, so too now, through participation in the Spirit, he is re-fashioned to the likeness of his maker.” St. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John 20.22-23

The restoration of humanity is brought about by Him who initially brought it to life and gave it a share in the Holy Spirit. He subsequently destroys death, bringing us to life anew and is seen restoring to The Holy Spirit upon the disciples. Our salvation is brought about by our being made whole rather than any notion where God is the one needing restoration.

Glory to Him Who has restored us, destroying death and uniting us once more to His Father because He is the True Son Who sends the Spirit into our hearts.

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