As a Child Seeks After its Mother, so We Seek God

“It is not true, as some maintain who are led astray by error, that the human being is irremediably dead and can no longer do anything good. A small child is incapable of anything; it cannot run to its mother on its own legs; it tumbles on the ground, cries out, sobs, calls out to her. And she is gentle with it, she is touched to see her baby seeking her so impatiently with so many sobs. It cannot reach her but cries out to her tirelessly, and she goes to it overcome with love, she kisses it, presses it to her heart and feeds it, with unspeakable tenderness. God loves us and he behaves like her towards the soul that seeks him and cries out to him. In the eagerness of that infinite love that is his… He takes hold of our spirit, unites Himself to it, and we become ‘one spirit with Him’, as the apostle says (I Corinthians 6.17). The soul is linked with the Lord, and the Lord, full of compassion and love, unites himself to it and it dwells in his grace. Then the soul and the Lord are one spiritually, they form one life, one heart.” St. Macarius, Homily 46.

Let us not rely on our power but as the child seeks its mother, let us seek God Who will come to us and unite us to Him. By this we will be granted true repentance which is constituted by union with God Who is the purpose and goal (Telos) of our lives.

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