The Giver of The Spirit Receives The Spirit

With the feast of Theophany coming soon for those who have just kept the feast of The Nativity on January 7th, let us contemplate a saying of St. Athanasius’ which we will hopefully come to understand further as we near the feast:

“Through whom, and from whom should the Spirit have been given but through the Son, since the Spirit is his? And when were we empowered to receive it, except when the Word became human? And… in no other way would we have partaken of the Spirit and been sanctified, if it were not that the Giver of the Spirit, the Word himself, had spoken of himself as anointed with the Spirit for us. And in this way we have securely received it, insofar as He is said to have received the Spirit in the flesh. For the flesh being first sanctified in him and he being said, as human, to have received through it, we have the Spirit’s grace, in a derived way, ‘receiving out of his fullness.’” St. Athanasius, Against the Arians 1:50.

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